Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Rush That Soccer Brings

Today, after more or less four months, I was able to play football again. Our team, Marikina United FC, which meets at the Marikina Sports Center regularly, had a tune up game against Claret Alumni. It felt so good to be in my soccer shoes again and just run, kick and create tactics on how to get the ball into that goal together with my team mates. There's that certain rush to it, one that I don't get from basketball, badminton or any other sport that I have ever played. I guess only those who've played and really enjoyed soccer can really understand this feeling. It's just nice to feel that feeling again.

By the way, don't miss the finals of Euro 2008 on Monday early morning here (Sunday night European time) - Germany vs Spain. To catch up on what happened during the Group stage, quarter finals and semis, you can check out my other blog (that's how crazy I am with football) Football Videos and Pictures.



Anonymous said...

I didn`t know that Filipinos play soccer, basketball lang :)