Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blogging From Baguio City

I'm sitting here at an internet shop in front of the house where we are staying and typing this post. I just couldn't help but go online when I could even for just a few minutes. When I checked my email I found out I missed a $5.50 opportunity from socialspark. Last night our son started to have fever and I guess the whole day today we might not be able to go around the city on this planned vacation. We've been real busy these weekend maybe that's why my son got sick. We've traveled so much. We were at at Astoria last Friday for some "balikbayan" celebration with Jed's Ninang Ana who will be going back to Singapore soon. Last Saturday, we traveled to Bulacan from Astoria to take part in Jed's Ninong Alvin's wedding which I co-officiated. Then at 3AM last Monday left Manila for Baguio City. My son didn't get much sleep as he was very excited to got to Baguio. He slept when we got to Tarlac until we arrived at Baguio at 7AM. I appreciate our Nissan California which got us all the way here.

Taken at Burnham Park