Friday, April 10, 2009

My Journey Through Blogging

When I first started out blogging, all I intended to do was to monetize the blogs. That is the reason why I set up many blogs using free services – no domain and no hosting payments. As I gained more experience in blogging, I also started to learn that investing in my own domain and getting a paid hosting service will do more to benefit me in the long run than not doing so.

I ventured into investing on new domains aside from getting own domains for my existing blogs. Then I set up Wordpress on the domains I bought. The first batch of domain names I got were of different niches that I thought were popularly being searched online. I didn’t actually do any study and research on the good words to use in the domains, I just played it by ear.

For the latest batch of domains I bought for me and my wife I started to research using Google’s keyword tool. After purchasing good domains, the next step was to put good and original content. I could either write the content myself or if I had extra funds I could hire a good web content writer. I would need to get an example of custom term paper or content the person has written before I do so, if ever.

So far, the new blogs my wife and I have set up got some traffic right away, as compared to the first blogs we set up. Through this we hope to increase our online presence and our income.