Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Wife's Kikay Site: Kikay Corner

My wife is looking into getting a better hosting service for her beauty blog, After having it transferred from Blogger to Wordpress and got it self-hosted, she has had a few problems with the site’s loading and just recently, she lost all her posts. That is just about every webmaster’s nightmare! I tried to figure out its database and had it repaired and boy was she glad that it was just what’s needed to be done.

She has currently launched her online beauty store. She presently carries just one product, Organic Thanakha. If you would swing by her site, you would be led to her online store and maybe learn a thing or two about the all natural beauty product that she swears by. I am not ashamed to let my readers know that she has made me a convert and am currently using the lime variant.

At the rate my wife is going with her online beauty business, I will not be surprised that she will add in more beauty and kikay products to her site. Marni necklace will be a great addition and even those Swarovski crystal blings that she used to design and sell some years back.



earthlingorgeous said...

Jenny is so lucky to have a handyman around like you :) I really admire your relationship you make such a great team :) Including the little one!