Friday, April 3, 2009

My New Job Opportunities Blog

Recently, I just started a new blog. The blog’s niche is job related and I hope that, with the nice domain and the relevant content, I would be able to drive a lot of traffic to it. The domain of the blog is and its title is Career and Employment Opportunities.

This blog is dedicated to post jobs that are available in the Philippines and some other parts of the world. If people are looking to find jobs abroad, let’s say maybe in a canadian pharmacy, or in a hospital in the US or any field they want, they can just click on the appropriate tag on the sidebar to see the job posts related to what their field.

I hope that I would be able to get continuous sources of job openings, job opportunities and job postings that people would look for and I hope that my new blog will be able to catch the eye of search engines. Right now, I am still waiting for some of its pages to start getting indexed by major search engines. I have heard that linking to site’s with high PR can help me get my site indexed fast. I might just do that this next few days.



Mela said...

good luck on your new blog. i am sure it will benefit lots of jobseekers.