Saturday, April 18, 2009

Restore: Bob Fitts' Worship Concert

Attending the praise and worship concert of Bob Fitts entitled "Restore" was a very refreshing and restoring experience. With our youth camp just days from today, spending some time in congregational worship is really very timely. I was able to recharge (the joy of the Lord is my strength!) a bit. We have been planning weeks ago to bring along our church's worship team to come see and hear Bob Fitts whose songs have had a great influence in my life and our church's worship as well and I was glad we did.

During the "Restore" concert, Bob Fitts sang new songs, including "I Love to Be With You" which was composed by his son, as well as some of his old songs. He also included some familar worship choruses and a hymn entitled "Blessed Assurance", showing his expertise as a worship leader, reaching the crowed composed of the old and new generation of believers.

I also bumped into Ivy, whom I met during the Survivor Philippines Season 2 auditions (she shared that she made it until the fourth screening), and Jed's new pediatrician whom I just met early this morning. Bob Fitts' "Restore" concert was well attended and was held at the Marist School Auditorium, the school were I graduated elementary from. After the concert, Bob Fitts signed autographs and I was able to have the CD album cover of "Restore" signed by him. I also took a feel of the guitar he used, something that is very interesting for a guitar player like me.

Tomorrow, there will be a repeat performance of the concert. "Restore", the theme of Bob Fitts' concert named after on of his albums, will be holding its repeat performance at the PhilSports Stadium (formerly known as ULTRA) in Pasig City