Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting by with Monthly Payments to My Web Hosts

I am enjoying my latest web hosting choice. There are two companies actually and the first one does not cost that much and I am having two of our blogs hosted there, and These are blogs for Breaking Point Foundation and me and my wife’s marriage blog.

The features of our hosting packages are a disk space of 2GB, bandwidth of 20GB. They also provide a maximum of 10 MySQL databases, mail boxes, email accounts, etc. The cost is only $16.99 per year. The only downside is I could not expand our online business.

So I decided to get another hosting package which can give me the flexibility having add-on domains. I have, so far, acquired more than 10 domain names, most of them, dot coms and are slowly building a network of blogs with different niches and am using the current hosting package that costs me about $10 a month.

I know that it would be cheaper to pay on an annual basis but I am not yet ready to invest that amount and to be honest I don’t have that big enough amount on me at the moment. So right now I am only getting by with a monthly payment while I slowly build up our online investments. If you are curious as to what hosting company I am using, feel free to drop a comment and I will contact you.