Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hanging Out at the Best Karting Place in Manila

My friends and I had a blast last Friday when we went to the best karting place in Manila, City Kart Racing. It was thrilling to see the next generation of boys (my son Jed and my friend's son) learn how to drive a go kart at their age of six and seven. We were very proud of them for being able to control the kart and drive around the kart track safely.

But of course, the excitement of being able to go karting in Makati with my friends was also something worth remembering. Even though we didn't play for trophies that day we did our best to reach our best times around the race track. It was truly an adrenaline-pumping activity which brought out the widest smiles from our faces. We all hope we could go karting in Manila again soon.