Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Times With Friends

Last night, me and my family had a great time with a couple friend when they visited us with their kids. We have been looking forward to spending time with them and were very glad that that we had enough time to talk about future plans, play with the Wii together, try shooting using my airsoft rifle and share what God has been doing in our lives.

I am so blessed to have friends who remain close to us even though we seldom see each other. Fellowshipping together was still as sweet despite the fact that we haven't spent a lot of time in the past two years. We celebrated and ate a lot even though we did not have time for some cake delivery.

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to spending some fun time with them again and hope to really be a blessing knowing that we won't be seeing them again for a long time after they leave for the Middle East.