Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where to Buy Airsoft Gears and Accessories in Metro Manila

With my current introduction to airsoft I now have to know where I can buy gears and accessories for airsoft. My fist on my list is a head gear. I saw three head gears in an accessory/hobby shop in Sta. Lucia (3/F) and am thinking about buying one of them.

Airsoft protective helmets/accessories and head gears

In my search for airsoft gears and accessories, next on my list are the upper and lower garments, preferably padded or I can buy separate knee and elbow pads. I will also need a vest and a pair of boots that look something like sidi fusion boots. I saw one in the Oakley website but I am not sure if that is available here in the Philippines.

I will be visiting each of the stores in my list of airsoft shops in Metro Manila and will check first the prices before purchasing accessories and gears for airsoft.