Monday, January 26, 2009

I Finally Had Our Bath Tub Faucet Replaced!

Whew! Finally, after weeks of putting up with the leak in the bath tub's faucet, I got a chance today to replace the faucet. That leak has gotten much of our time. We had to mop the bathroom floor once in a while and even around 1-2 AM, I or my wife had to get up to mop the bathroom floor dry. So, now, after a few minutes of observing the faucet replacement, we're glad that our bathroom floor remains dry.

The sad thing about this whole plumbing experience is the cost of the faucet. Imagine a faucet that costs more than a thousand pesos. We were blessed to find a faucet that cost 1,300++. In other stores, the price ranged from P2,500 to P4,500. It isn't a common faucet, that's why. It's a faucet for the bathtub, installed on the wall and had to be connected to two pipes. It's the faucet with the hot and cold feature - we chose that when we had our bathroom made, even though we didn't have hot water, for aesthetic reasons. I guess, that's the price we pay for choosing that kind of faucet.

But, right now I am just happy that our bathroom floor is still dry after a few minutes of typing this blog entry. I guess this adds on to my plumbing experiences around the house.



earthlingorgeous said...

wow! good job! ang hirap nyan ah! pwede ka na sideline :D

Anonymous said...

Sabi nga ni wifey magpaskil na daw kami ng TUBERO sign sa labas ng bahay. :)

anne said...

nice bathtub and the faucet you replace looks so durable too