Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy Preparing for Another Breaking Point Outreach Program

As a full-time minister, I have Mondays to enjoy as my day-off. But today, I wasn't able to use my rest day because of some preparations I needed to make for tomorrow's Breaking Point program at Manggahan High School. We are scheduled for two programs, one at 7:00 AM and another one at 1:00 PM. The Breaking Point program is a violence and substance abuse prevention program that we present to high schools nationwide. It is also a way to reach out to the students and share the gospel to them because the philosophy of Breaking Point is that effective prevention happens when a person decides to admit helplessness to change and turn to Jesus and commit his/her life to Him. We ask for our fellow bothers and sisters in Christ to pray for us tomorrow as we present the gospel to at least 3,000 students in Manggahan High School (about 1,500 per program). We will be working with about 50 volunteers, half of which are from the Unted States and the other half, volunteers from different churches around the area.