Sunday, January 11, 2009

The 32" LCD is Perfect for the Wii

Our new Wii is just perfect for the wedding anniversary gift my wife and I got for ourselves last November. The size of the LCD screen is right for the size of our living room where our Wii is located. We are glad that we chose a 32” LCD over other sizes of TVs. If we got a smaller size it would be hard to enjoy the Wii with it. If we got a bigger-sized screen it would have been too big for our small living room.

32" is really great for watching videos on DVD, but for some people, using that size for just for watching HD videos is just too much. But one reason why we chose that size is for its Wii use. Using the TV for Wii Sports and Wii Fit, we just feel grateful that we bought it for us. We can play tennis or golf together and the LCD isn’t too small for us. Our son, who learned how to use the Wii remote in two days, is also enjoying his time with the Wii and the 32’ screen. He enjoys playing the Wii, but aside from that, he also enjoys watching the balance training exercises in the Wii Fit.



? said...

wow! your wife must be very lucky to have someone who respond to her enjoyment and a someone who would rather sacrifice for her sake to smile! :)
Keep it up!