Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Camp Kresge

With the major event of summer camp coming up real soon, the team has been joining heads since late last year cooking up theme and programs for this year’s youth camp. We are probably going to stick with the camp site that we have been last year. The facilities and accommodation that they have are just right for the size of campers that we have.

Incidentally, Camp Kresge, the Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA’s camping facility and retreat/conference center is also having a NY Summer Camp. You might want to check out their site. The camp site is a huge 1,100 acre property located in Pennsylvania’s scenic Pocono mountains. A perfect place for a retreat, to say the least. This site is able to accommodate large number of groups with their 12 cabins that are able to house 10 people each.

It is interesting that such camp has been in the same location since 1953 and still properly managed and maintained. Keeping its tradition of camping with staff that’s beyond reproach. You see most of them have been with the place and are practically family. This camp site is a place you wouldn’t have second thoughts of sending your child to in summer.