Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My 4th Blog Got Approved at PayU2Blog!

Yahoo! I sent in an application for my fourth blog at PayU2Blog and I got accepted. I praise God! After a few days of migrating autorepairprinciples.com from free hosting at blogger to a paid host using the Wordpress blog platform, the blog got reviewed by my account supervisor and it got approved.

Some skills that I have learned this past year were getting a domain name, editing its name servers to point to the hosting I purchased and uploading files I need to set up a Wordpress blog. These were all I needed to migrate from blogger. I appreciate the import option at Wordpress, migration is so easy. The only downside was I had to change my Wordpress theme because the same theme from blogger supported widgets but the one from Wordpress supported only one sidebar and I wanted a template with two sidebars.

Doing all these was worth it because of the PayU2Blog approval. The next thing I will be working on is the 5th and final blog. Probably in more than a month i will be submitting a 5th blog. To God be the glory!



Troy said...

how long did it take them to approve your blog? I applied yesterday and am hoping to hear back soon...

Anonymous said...

i actually applied for payu2blog weeks ago but they haven't replied. what are the minimum qualifications for the blog.

pls to visit my site ( the site which i tried to submit)

Anonymous said...

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dorothy said...

hi, how long did it take for your second/third/fourth blog to get approved in payu2blog?