Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rick Warren, Chosen for Invocation by Obama on Inaugural Ceremony

Last night, as I was visiting blogs or what many call blog hopping, I ran into this news about Pastor Rick Warren, head of Saddleback Church in California, being chosen by the US President Barack Obama to give the prayer or invocation during the inaugural ceremony that will be held on January 20, 2009.
It made me stop and read the news and I read how protests from non-Christian and non-believer sectors arose. It also mentioned that protests may be drawn if he prays in the name of Jesus, and disappointment will be expresses if he does not.

As a fellow minister of the gospel, I feel for Rick Warren and I feel led to pray for him as He chooses the words he would use for the invocation. May the Holy Spirit lead him and give him wisdom as pressure from different groups is arise knowing that he is being requested to modify his prayer to represent the beliefs of Americans. May God be glorified through all this.



Anonymous said...

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.