Thursday, January 8, 2009

On Being an Athlete and MYA

As an athlete, I always get some apprehensive comments from my wife about my being in a rough sport. I always insist that it is no rough sport, but she thinks otherwise. Honestly, I only get a couple of sprains, but that’s just about it. Lately, after the last practice I had with my team, there has been nagging pain at the back my left leg that I know I need to get checked very soon.

As for dangers of getting kicked on the nose or having some injuries that may cause deformation (which I believe it’s likelihood being very slim), you have to take care of that. Cosmetic surgery for men are getting more popular by the day. Metro men choose it just because they need some nose reshaping or even for fat removal procedures. But this procedure can also help a lot of athletes who gets caught in an accident between games. Practically nothing is impossible anymore in this age of technology.

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