Monday, January 19, 2009

SmartBro, PLDT MyDSL or SKY Broadband: My Comparison

This internet connection speed test was taken at exactly 9:14 PM. I have been getting the habit of testing speeds whenever and wherever I am connected to the internet since we shifted from SmartBro Wireless to PLDT MyDSL. The increase in speed was so significant that I now have become so conscious and particular about the internet connection I am using each time I surf, even outside the house. So far, the promise of SmartBro's "up to 384kbps" is not usually being delivered, based on the speed tests I have made from our office which uses a SmartBro connection. It actually seldom reaches 300kbps which is not actually wrond because SmartBro does not guarantee a speed - they only give a range or a limit which is always a just a possibility. So far, we are very much content with the connection speed provided by PLDT MyDSL. But jsut to make you aware, there are greater speed available from SKY Cable. They have a P6,000 plan that gives upt to 12mbps and that includes a certain number of minutes of calls to the US and Canada every month and a 15% discount on the cable connection. They have lower deals and you can see the SKY Broadband plans or packages below.

So if it's speed you're looking for and you don't mind paying a lot, go for SKY Broadband, if it's money well spent, try PLDT MyDSL. About SmartBro, use it if the other two are not available in your are, it's still better than dial-up.