Friday, January 2, 2009

Common New Year Practices

As this new year starts, wishes and hopes for a joyful and prosperous year are heard all around. Different cultures engage in different practices to ward off bad luck. Actually, the practice of lighting firecrackers came from ancient cultures and it was done to ward off evil spirits that were believed to cause bad luck and evil disasters. But nowadays, the lighting of firecrackers has just become common practice and its purpose has become entertainment.

B ut of course, the expectation of keeping disasters away and becoming prosperous is still there. And many people do not want to experience disaster clean up and Black Mold Removal. Those who do can contact WaterRestoration911 which is an industry leader in this matter.

Many Filipinos have other practices to become prosperous, some of which are the wearing of clothes that have circles or what they call ‘polka dots’, others prepare spherically shaped fruits like oranges, apples, ‘chico’ and grapes, with the mindset that these round objects or pictures of circles could bring money for the coming year.

These common practices, however, are all superstitious beliefs. What is important is to merit the blessing of God who is the ultimate source of everything, the One who is in control.