Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shopping for Christmas Decors

Today, I went to Divisoria, a local shopping place in Manila where people buy anything at low price. I went there to buy some decors for our Christmas tree which we set up yesterday. It was so bare yesterday, it only had lights on it. But today I bought three sets of decorations and I got a dozen of each Christmas decor for only P900 (a little less than $20). If I went to a regular mall I would have gotten the decorations for about P1,500 (a little more than $30). In addition to the decorations I was able to do some early shopping for my son's Christmas gifts and it cost me just $2 for toys he really likes. I can't wait to bring my wife along next time for her Christmas shopping.

Our Christmas tree now

Same tree but different lighting



Anonymous said...

wow, the lighting looks a thousand times better now! good job Jeff... did you decorate it or was it your wife's work? have a good one!