Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Should I Get Insurance For My Old Car?

I just need to ask my readers opinion on something. Would you recommend getting a car insurance for an old car? You see the car I’m driving at the moment is a 1989 Nissan California. So I am not sure if an insurance company would even consider insuring it? I mean I just am curious because we just had its body totally repaired less than two months ago and I don’t want to spend much on it again in case it gets a scratch or gets bumped. Can you share your opinion on this, please?A Picture of our Nissan California



tahtimbo said...

I would talk to your insurance agent, but depending on where you live, you will need to at least get liability insurance. To insure the car for theft or damage? It would probably not be worth the price of the premiums.

angelnoah said...

Here in the US, old or new cars need to be insured. As long as it still works :). It's one of the requirements before u can get your driver's license.
I think u should go ahead and insure it. It's something to make your mind at peace for any liabilities or accidents perhaps.