Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Just Reformatted My Hard Drive

Yesterday, I reformatted my PC's hard drive for many reasons and I have reinstalled the drivers in need and most of the software I use. I just need a Microsoft Office installer and will be going to the mall to get me one.

Some of the problems I encountered was with Yahoo Messenger. It started to not work properly - I couldn't send messages but I could connect and receive messages from my friends. Another reason I had to reformat was because of the size of my disk partition. Because of y software installations I was running out of space on my installation drive. So, one of the things I did was increase the size of one partition from 20GB to about 30GB. My previous PC Study Bible software installation was also corrupted so with the reformat, everything is better now.

In addition, I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security now instead of the free anti-virus from AVG. Of course, still partnered with the Ad-Watch monitor from Lavasoft. I use the older version because it comes with a free real-time monitor. I like the feeling of having a newly reformatted drive, it feels like a new start and it feels so fresh. I just need to get some of the software I need installed immediately so I can get back to work soon.