Thursday, October 23, 2008

Old Friends and New Gadgets

Yesterday I met up with my friends from college and did a little catching up on each other's business and life. We all graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering but we had different paths that we took. I became a pastor, the other became an IT guy and the other one focused on HVAC, somewhat related to our program in college.

Well, in our get together, we discussed about many stuff including mini-notebooks. I learned from my IT-guy friend that Lenovo launched a mini-notebook to compete with Asus eePC, Acer Aspire One and MSI Wind (which I prefer the most and which he didn't mention). Since he is in IT he knows a lot about this stuff. Even during those time when I used to buy unlocked cell phones, he would always have the best recommendations on phones.

Anyway, he was recommending the Lenovo S10 which I will be searching for in a moment to compare against MSI Wind. They both carry the Intel Atom but I guess it's just their features and what others say about them that I need to research on. I am set to buy a mini-notebook by December and I need to decide on which one will be the best buy.