Friday, October 17, 2008

An Office Table and Faster Internet Connection

My next projects after reformatting my PC and my wife’s laptop is to build an office table that we will both use and then to change our internet subscription from wireless to DSL, hopefully the cheapest business plan, so we get faster connection.

For the office table, I have already laid out plans for its construction and will be purchasing the wood I’ll need to build it when we have the money for it. For the faster internet connection, probably not until December, but I hope sooner because my wife and I have really been frustrated by our current connection. Even if we use a CAT6, the promised ‘up to 384 kbps’ speed isn’t really maximized or isn’t really attained most of the time.

My hope is that this will help us work more comfortably home when we blog at home and that our living room would look better because at present we are using our couch as our seats and the center table as our office. With the new additions and adjustments to our living room, we really need to be doing these other improvements.