Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Learning By Doing

Now that I have installed most of the software I need for my PC (and my wife’s laptop) I am back in business. Reformatting was not that difficult after all, less trouble than finding the best acne treatment. Before, I thought it would be too technical and I was afraid I might mess everything in my computer, but by trying it and doing it I experienced how easy it was.

Learning is real easy when it is done on the job. But of course, there are risks involved but the benefits outweigh the risks. Because after trying to reformat my hard drive I have now learned it by heart and I could easily do it again. Much like my attempt to learn SEO by joining the contest with keywords ‘promotional items corporate gifts srednarb’, I hope I learn SEO by heart, too and get ranked by December. You can help, by the way, by linking it until December – it will be a big favor for me.