Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Marikina United FC and Claret Alumni's Tune Up Game

I just got home, took a shower and ate my second dinner, after our football team's (Marikina United FC) tune-up game against Claret Alumni held at Marikina Sports Park. The game started out well, and it was great because we had the lights turned on and it was like playing under the sun, at night. That was how bright it was.

The first 45 minutes ended at 1-1 but at the end of the game, it was 5-3 in favor of Claret. Everything was going well until the game heated up and it was one of our Chinese team mates defending his younger brother against a Claret alumni who was also hot headed. I have actually have had a personal encounter with this guy in the past but, since I am always apologetic and I try to broaden my mind about how physical soccer could be, we ended up shaking hands. But the two players in our game tonight almost had a scuffle. It was a good thing that people around were quick enough to prevent the fight from happening.

I understand their reactions but I guess not too much to understand how they might want to take it into a fight. I am passionate about soccer, too, but it is just a game. And everyone else's major concern in the field a while ago was how we were consuming our paid time in Marikina Sports Park which charges P1,000 per hour for the use of the lights on the soccer field. Everybody was just telling the two players to just play.

Oh, well. It's a good thing they didn't end up hurting each other, otherwise it would have been much worse for both of our teams. But, we're sure we'll all see each other again at the NCR FA 3rd Division 2008-2009 tournament which will start on the second week of November.



Anonymous said...

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