Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Comparison of MSI Wind and Lenovo S10

After spending a few minutes online searching some reviews about mini-notebooks, I found one at and was able to compare the Lenovo IdeaPad S10 and MSI Wind. There are other units that compete with these, actually, and they are Asus eePC and Acer Aspire One. Well, after doing a little research I have come to the conclusion of still buying an MSI Wind this December. There are actually many things to compare but some main reasons are because MSI Wind has four USB slots as compared to only two for Lenovo S10, the Lenovo S10 heats up on your lap more than the MSI Wind and as for looks, the MSI WInd has a business look to it comapred to the Lenovo's 'toy like' appearance. As for their performance, review say that MSI Wind is better than Lenovo S10using the wPrime processor comparison results (lower scores mean better performance) in which the former scored 124.656 seconds while the latter 127.172 seconds.

You would notice that I only mentioned the MSI Winds advantages over the Lenovo and that is because I have had the intention of getting the Wind even before (if you would look at my blog's July and August archives) so I was finding its advantages over the new released mini-notebook.

But, a great thing that I read was that Intel will be releasing (or maybe has released) a dual-core Atom processor which is an upgrade of the mini-notebooks that use the Intel Atom processor (the single-core was Atom N270 and the dual-core is Atom 330). And I have seen in the store where I plan to buy that they are providing an option for the upgrade for MSI Wind purchased between October to December 2008.

I am still open, though, in case new releases of mini-notebooks are made with talks that HP and Dell will be releasing their Atom powered notebooks before 2009.

For links to sources of these information please click any of the links below:

*MSI Wind review
*Lenovo S10 review
*Atom 330 news



lemuel said...

may i ask the processor speed and hard disk space of MSI compared to Lenovo? how about the price range and warranty? have you compared the two brands to asus?

thanks, we are also planning to buy one probably next year....

Jeff said...

Bro. both MSI Wind and Lenovo S10 have the Intel Atom which is 1.6 Ghz and so far that's the max speed for mini-notebooks available in the market. Memory can be both maximized to 2GB and have both 160 GB hard disk space. As for the price, Lenovo is at P26,000 but with 1GB memory, you'll need to add P3,000 for an additional 1GB of memory. MSI Wind costs 22,999 without with 2GB memory and 160 GB HD but without OS.

Asus I think has lower specs even in terms of its processor.

HRI Marketing said...

so what is the stock memory of lenovo?. walang OS yung msi? so you need to buy windows pa or linux ka na lang.

so in the long run, i presume you are more inclined to Lenovo?


Jeff said...

More inclined to MSI actually because here in our country it's easy to install my own OS. both of them has a stock memory of 1 GB but the upgrade for MSI is half the proce cheaper which is only P1,500 here, last time I asked.

Will said...

It should be noted also that in the MSI v1.09 BIOS there is a feature that offers one touch overclocking for the Atom. Three increments are provided with the maximum at +24% making the the core run at 2.0GHz. What's even better about this is it is covered in MSI's warranty, which is also not void if you upgrade the RAM and/or HDD. MSI 1 Lenovo 0.