Sunday, October 19, 2008

We Found an HDMI Capable DVD Player!

We were able to find a DVD player that is HDMI capable. Actually, as per inquiry, many brands offer this type of DVD player in the market here but they are bundled with a home theater system and it costs at least P15,000. But the good news is there is one brand that sells just the DVD player and according to the place we went to, Samsung is the only brand that offers the player without the home theater system. This is yet to be verified but guess how much the DVD-F1080 cost? I was told before that an HDMI capable DVD player would cost about P7,000-8,000. Well, this one we found costs only P4,990 and is sleek and not that big. I am still on the look out for other brands who might come up with just the DVD player and not with the home theater system but we do hope to buy an HDMI capable DVD player before January 2009.