Sunday, November 23, 2008

We Were at the 2nd Philippine Homeschooling Conference

Yesterday, my wife and I attended the 2nd Philippine Homeschool Conference Helod at Christ's Commission Fellowship. The speakers were Pastor Peter Tan-chi, his wife Deonna, Edric Mendoza, Pastor Bernard Marquez, Ms. Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon and Mr. EJ McKnight.

The speakers discussed foundations and principles behind home schooling and the role of parents like us in educating our children, it also focused on modeling, affirming children and mind mapping.

We found this conference very timely as we are planning to start homeschooling our three-year old next year. And through this conference, we have actually considered not just homeschooling him for a year, which was our initial plan, but for a longer period even.

We are still in the process of scouting for programs to use but right now we are bent towards using School of Tomorrow (formerly known as Accelerated Christian Education) materials. We hope that we would be able to impart to our child a strong love for God and His word and help build his character up as we homeschool him.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Post.

Bernard Marquez