Friday, November 21, 2008

Free Game for Review by Parents

The holiday season is fast approaching and people all over are starting to get busy with decorating their homes, setting up Christmas lights and putting up a tree. What comes naturally after putting up a Christmas tree is seeing the empty space beneath the tree. Parents begin to think of gifts to give to their children, making them excited as they place the wrapped gifts underneath the decorated and lit Christmas tree.

Well, here is a treat for parents like me. If you are familiar with the movie, The Princess Bride, you know what? There is a PC/MAC game that was made after this movie. It is the 5 pack of Princess Bride Game which is the perfect gift for the season.


No, that isn’t the good news yet. The good news is that parents can get a FREE COPY of this Princess Bride game. is looking for parents who can review the game and who else could better get it than you. They are looking for gamers and gamer parents. This will also help you test the game and see for yourself if your children would like it as their gift for this season. So what are you waiting for? Visit them now and register!