Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Long Scratch On My Car :(

Oh, I feel so bad tonight. As I was about to leave the office my brother-in-law praised how nice the paint job on our car was and surprisingly the property custodian was on his way out and mentioned that there was a scratch, and he thought I knew it.

So I asked him to point the scratch out and it was on the top of the right front fender, a long scratch on its edge, about 2 feet almost. I couldn't think how and where our Nissan California got that? The last time I saw that part of our car was Sunday morning when I washed it and wiped it. Since that particular moment I never really noticed anything. Until our custodian told me before i went home.

But I suspect that it got it while I was parked along Kalayaan Ave., near the marketplace where our church is located. And that added more reasons for our church to find a place to move to (well, at least for me, personally).

Oh, well, I guess that's just a reminder for me of how fleeting things that we come to enjoy can be. I just hope that I could get a chance and the money to take our car back to Tito Adolfo, the man responsible for its present beauty. Soon, I hope.