Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our First Haircut Together

My son and I about to get our haircut together

Yesterday my wife, my son and I went out and Jed, my three-year-old boy, and I had our first visit to the barber shop together. My wife and I usually are the ones who trim his hair but we decided to try and get his hair cut by a barber and we did it together so he wouldn't get scared. He did get scared at first, especially when the barber used the electric shaver on him, but seeing the other barber do the same to me kept him from getting more scared. And after about a minute of not really feeling any pain he started warming up to the barber.

My cute Jed getting his first hair cut from a barber



Anonymous said...

Ang cute ng baby nyo. :)

Anonymous said...

He sure is liking himself in the mirror :)