Thursday, November 27, 2008

Get Good at Blogging and Get Paid

One of the many blessings and pay-offs of maintaining a blog is getting paid to blog. A mentor once told me that one way to stay happy in life is to find something that you love to do, do it and become so good at it that people will notice and eventually start paying you to do it. So, something that’s fun to do can now become a source of your income. Work won’t be boring, then.

This is what blogging has become to me and my wife. It is something we like to do. Although we haven’t come to a point where we or our blogs have made it good, but at least good enough to make money out of it.

Blog advertising network

One partner that we have in making this a reality is This is an online company that believes so much in bloggers and in blog advertising. This company of course expects their blogger partners to have blogs that have high link popularity, well indexed by search engines and are linked by authority sites such as DMOZ and the like. Of course, they also are seeking blogs that have a reasonable amount of traffic.

These are things that most blog advertising and paid to blog services look for in blogs. But what makes stand out among its competitors is their opportunity creation fee. What about it? Well,’s opportunity creation fee for advertisers is 50% less compared to other competing blog advertsing services.

Aside from being a great partner for advertisers who are looking to advertise on blogs, is also a great partner for bloggers. The layout and the user-friendliness of their web site and the dashboard they have for bloggers are so cool that navigation is really so easy.

So, if you feel like your blog has become good enough to be monetized, visit by clicking on the PayingPost widget on this blog’s sidebar, register and submit your blog for approval now.