Monday, November 3, 2008

Lenovo S10, MSI Wind or Asus N10J?

As I continue to become confused with choosing from the three mini-notebooks I have began to like (Lenovo S10, MSI Wind and Asus N10J) I am now leaning more towards Asus N10J because of its battery life and 256MB dedicated video memory. The only setback is it will cost me ten to fifteen thousand pesos more than the Lenovo S10 and the MSI Wind. And at that price I probably could get a notebook with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor but with a bigger and heavier chassis, which is not what I am looking for that’s why I have been considering the mini-notebooks that carry the Intel Atom N270 (which I heard will have the Intel Atom 330 upgrade soon).

Anyway, I may have to apply for Payday Loans to purchase the Asus N10J and a web site I bumped into that has this is This site provides unsecured cash advance that are short-term, until the payday comes. Many customers choose this to help them with unexpected expenses. This site also provides easy and quick sign up depending on the lender that will accept the customer’s loan information.

I am not bent to apply for one but I am sure feeling tempted because I really have been looking to ending the year with a mini-notebook.