Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sell Link Spaces On Your Sidebar

Hey, guys. I will be starting selling link spaces on my sidebar through linkshowoff.com. It is almost a permanent link and it costs only $3 but it is only permanent until 5 other people decide to pay for the link space. When you buy the $3 link space you get to the top of the list and then move down as another payment from another buyer is made. These links are "no-follow" links so they really do not share one's Page Rank. It just increases your link's visibility.

So, in light of that, I will be moving my blog roll to another page but I assure you that I will not remove any one of my friends from the list, unless of course I don't see my link in their site when I visit their blog.

But I would like to say also that you can sell link spaces (and set the price you want) in your blog, too. Just click the link on the right side bar which looks like this and register.

Registration was so fast it took me less than a minute to be a member and log-in. After you've registered you can start adding your blog/s into their system and place the code in your preferred location and start earning when somebody advertises in your link space. You can also invite others to join and you can earn $3 for every publisher that joins through you. So why don't you click on that link in my sidebar and join now!