Saturday, November 15, 2008

My new own-domain blog is now live. This is the same blog that used to have the url of but now is just Aside form the domain, the other difference of these two blogs is the latter is a Wordpress blog. I was able to save enough to buy a domain and a year's worth of hosting and last night, I was able to import the content of my blogspot to the Wordpress blog. The next step is to inform those linking to my blogspot about the url update.

I know that this will mean that the blog's statistics will start from scratch but I am excited to re-launch this site about my experiences on making money online. I hope you take your time to visit this blog and if you find it useful and helpful, please link to it and I would be more than willing to exchange links with anyone, just feel free to leave a comment on the blog. Thank you in advance, readers!



mayleen said...

hi, can you tell me more about making money online? how can i get thr url or how do i start?