Monday, November 24, 2008

About Golf and Other Related Stuff

One of the sports I am curious about and haven’t got a chance to learn is Golf. Usually, the sport that interest me is one that is physical. I have played basketball, soccer, volleyball and have tried a bit of martial arts like aikido, judo and Kyokushin karate. But I do not limit myself to playing physical sports. I also enjoy playing chess, badminton (less physical but strenuous as well) and billiards. But I have started becoming curious about Golf.

I came across a web site about golf and it is all in German but what was interesting about this German golf site is that it claims to be the biggest German golf shop and that they offer a full range of brand names on golf equipment and accessories or anything related to golf. Stuff like golf bags, golf trollies, gloves, golf clubs, balls, training equipment, videos and the like can be purchased from their web site.

Aside from these, this online golf shop, whose domain is, also has other golf related information in their site. They offer news about golf, scores of oun going golf tournaments and information about famous golf players. In fact they have a link to pages of golf player’s profiles. That is good because those who know German can have the opportunity to read about these information and learn more about other golf players. This site also has a club fitting center and they specialize in Ping custom fitting.

So if you know German, I’m sure you would benefit from this golf web site. And if you are interested in purchasing some golf related stuff online you can also check out this web site. You can visit their web site through this domain, and I encourage you to take time to explore the other pages of their web site.