Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Need to Learn How to Make a Feasibility Study

It was three years ago when the need for our church to start outsourcing funds or finding ways to augment expenses. That was when the idea of starting a Christian School using the School of Tomorrow system (formerly known as Accelerated Christian Education or ACE) came up. I started praying about it and eventually, presented it to my senior pastor. I was then given funding for the administrator’s training where I learned the system and the philosophy behind the system of School of Tomorrow.

But after going through the administrator’s training, one of the requirements that I needed to start the school in our church was a feasibility study of the Christian school that we wanted to start at our church’s present location. This was one thing that kept us moving forward with the plan.

It was a blessing that this afternoon, I met with someone who could help me start the feasibility study. He is a friend who works with a research company that probably uses some survey software to help them with simplification of their survey work. I actually am considering doing the feasibility myself because my friend mentioned how much the feasibility study might cost me and it’s too expensive for me, but I first need to learn how to make one. I hope to find a good book soon on how to make a feasibility study. Too bad I didn't pay attention much about this subject in college.



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