Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Got a Ticket for Disregarding a Traffic Sign: P150

I feel bad tonight because this afternoon I got a ticket from MMDA for a traffic violation. The violation was disregarding a traffic sign (DTS). What actually happened was that I was unfamiliar with the U-turn slot (from north bound turning south bound) under the Santolan-EDSA flyover and so I entered into the lane where cars going southbound take a U-turn towards north bound lane. I was supposed to be given two violations and the other one was for counter-flowing but I was glad to have talked my way to having the violations lowered without giving a bribe.

But I am disappointed because the U-turn lane there wasn't so clear. Yes, there was a sign but the lane itself does not look like a lane where a car should enter. The concrete barriers underneath looked more like boundaries for the island beneath the flyover. If there were any paint on the lane they were not so visible.

Huff... But, since I was in the wrong, I had to take the ticket. There was a car who followed me, a red Toyota Vios and it was also waved by the MMDA traffic enforcer but it just drove away. While I, on the other hand, was left with a ticket and now I need to pay P150 at Metrobank for the violation.



tony said...
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tony said...

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