Friday, March 27, 2009

My Wife and One of Her Blogs

I am happy to see my wife liking blogging, enjoying it and being good at it. Even if she maintains so many blogs, she still writes quality blog posts and draws traffic and followers. Her blog’s niches are all that she is. You can really see her personality in her blogs.

I especially like her fashion and beauty blog, because it’s very girly and very her. In this blog of hers, she talks about stuff like make-ups, perfumes, fashion tips and beauty tips like where to get permanent eyelash extensions and eyebrow threading.

She has not tapped the potential of putting related videos on her posts yet. But, to her followers who like threading eyebrows or having their nails done, don’t worry because there is a site that is your source for stuff like eyebrow threading video and more. They actually have a variety of aesthetic services on video. The site is It’s like having a library of aesthetic videos with the information being available online. Visit their simple but uniquely laid out website to learn more about them.



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