Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tang Fruit Teaz Teazperiment: A GreatIdea to Battle Youth Boredom

As I end this day with this post about the Tang Fruit Teaz Teazperiment, which is the first ever user-generated youth online show, let me say first that I was glad I came to this event that was held at Top Shelf, Bonifacio High Street.

As someone who deals a lot with young people (campus youth ministries and summer youth camps) I was totally impressed with Tang Fruit Teaz's idea on launching the Teazperiments contest where youth organizations were encouraged to create their own Teazperiment and the entry with the most votes wins P50,000. The submitted entries can be viewed at teazperiment.com. To understand what this Teazperiment is, below is the video of the first teazperiment from Tang which was held at Market Market in Taguig City.

But what impressed me the most was, in the event this evening which overflowed with the 5 flavors of the Tang Fruit Teaz namely: peach, orange, strawberry, lemon and apple, the event organizers opened the program with their own teazperiment.

As bloggers like me who participated in the event, waited in their seats, distributed among the 10 tables, and mingled with each other, suddenly, at the start of the program, people who were strategically distributed among the 10 round tables stood up and rhythmically clapped their hands together and started singing, each one having their designated vocal part assignment. At different points in their routine, certain participants stood up and danced on their seats while they sang their part.

At the end of their surprise presentation, everybody was so impressed that a round of applause was just natural.

I enjoy events like this one, plus the fact that I learned some ideas that we could also use in our upcoming summer youth camp - our own teazperiment. I just wonder if we could get Tang Fruit Teaz as sponsors for our two week summer youth camp of 600-800 participants per week.



Anonymous said...

some great IDEA, this was ripped off from a performance art did by the guys at improveverywhere.com... its a shame they used this for something of commercial purpose and passed it as their own...shame ,tsk3

Anonymous said...

I think the intent of this is not just about the freezing or imitating improv everywhere. It's the spirit of having fun with your friends whether it's the freezing or suddenly dancing and singing and making people smila.. if u think about it it's putting philippines at par with the other countries doing such performance art as we make our own Pinoy interpretation of it. just my two cents :)