Saturday, March 14, 2009

House Dedication at the Raya Garden Condominiums

This afternoon, I was invited to officiate a house blessing/dedication by a friend of one of our church members at the Raya Garden Condominiums. As I went inside the small community with two high-rise condominiums (15 storeys), Jakarta and Surabaya, and three mid-rise condominiums (5 storeys) it felt like being inside a different country. I surfed about this resort-like condominium and found out that its design was actually Bali-inspired.

The dedication held at Raya Garden Condominiums, developed by DMCI homes, was held in the newest of the two towers which is Surabaya. The condominium unit that was dedicated had a floor size not greater than 80 square meters and cost P2.5 million, as shared by its occupants. It was a corner unit that had two rooms, one toilet and bathroom, a kitchen area and two and verandas, one of which was big enough to be used as a dining area.

There were still a lot of unused units but the amenities in this urban sanctuary located South of Metro Manila and 15 minutes from Makati City are all in full operation. It has a reception lobby called Grand Pavilion, a swimming pool with floating podium, a bridge walkway, a Balinese garden, a lotus pond, a meditation pavilion, a basketball court, a fitness gym, an AVR & TV lounge, a bar and many other recreational facilities.

We had a very short ceremony in the home owner's place and enjoyed a great meal after. We then sat in their living room with the sliding doors to the verandas opened and enjoyed the relaxing view of the southern part of Metro Manila and the mountains of Rizal. Spending my Saturday afternoon at a dedication in Raya Garden Comdominiums was really a cool and refreshing experience.