Friday, March 20, 2009

Hoping for a Nikon D40, D60 or D90

I was going through the files my wife and I have kept in the two external hard drives we have and the four sd memory cards. I was amazed to see the thousands of pictures we have taken using different media devices like old cellphone cameras, video cam and our latest which is a Canon Powershot A620 digital camera. I'm sure that when we finally get our hands on a DSLR, hopefully a Nikon D40, D60 or a D90, that the rate at which we are compiling photos would increase. I have tried taking photos using a D60 and was amazed by the quality it gives on the photos. We really hope that we would be able to raise money for that soon after saving up for our son's tuition fee this school year. That's our priority, of course.