Friday, March 20, 2009

Billy Graham on the Question "Where is Heaven?"

One of the most influential people in this generation of Christians is Billy Graham. One day, he was asked, "Where is heaven?" And the following was his answer:

"What is heaven going to be like? Just as there is a mystery to hell, so there is a mystery to heaven. Yet I believe the Bible teaches that heaven is a literal place. Is it one of the stars? I don't know. I can't even speculate. The Bible doesn't inform us. I believe that out there in space where there are one thousand million galaxies, each a hundred thousand light years or more in diameter, God can find some place to put us in heaven. I'm not worried about where it is. I know it is going to be where Jesus is. Christians don't have to go around discouraged and despondent with their shoulders bent. Think of it - the joy, the peace, the sense of forgiveness that He gives you, and then heaven, too."