Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Have a Blog That's Health Related

Many of you probably are not aware that I have my own health blog. It is about detoxification and cleansing. The reason why I started that blog was to maximize the number of blogs I can submit to PayU2Blog. Right now, I already have four blogs with them and that leaves one more slot. I just need to first migrate my content from its current host to another one I have. I also have to change the blog platform from blogengine to Wordpress. Wen that’s done, then my blog will be ready to be submitted to PayU2Blog in a few weeks.



Anonymous said...

is payu2blog similar to payperpost? i have yet to seriously consider paid posting. somehow it just doesn't seem to take my fancy. if i fail at establishing non paid posting blogs, i suppose this is where i have to be headed to earn a decent income :)