Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Son was Invited by a Modeling Agency for a VTR and Photoshoot

I was excited yesterday because my son was invited by a modeling agency to be one of their talents. Thanks to his godfather and godmother who helped us get connected with the modeling agency. Their son got some modeling jobs with a milk company and his picture was posted on a billboard in the Makati area and got a role in a TV commercial.

I was hoping that my son would get some opportunities similar to those I mentioned so we started coaching him to smile and pose for the camera. He has actually experienced this but he was still a baby. A photography studio gave him a free photo session and he was made to wear cute Costumes, play with toys and other colorful stuff.

But, yesterday, his smiles during the photo shoot were not natural. I guess he wasn’t used to the bright lights. During the VTR, I was so proud of him because he was able to follow the instructions given to him at his age of three years. He was asked to stand straight with his hands on the side and asked to say hi complete name and age. They made him turn his whole body to the right and then asked to look at the camera and smile. Then he was asked to turn to the other side and do the same thing and he was very cooperative, not giving the photographer/ camera man a hard time.

The agency asked us to take pictures of him on white background, understanding that he was probably not used to the bright lights in the studio. They are hoping that we can get photos of his adorable smile so they can submit them to their clients together with the video they took of him.



lemuel said...

jeff, what if a client liked pictures of your son and decided to post his pictures to several billboards and posters plus an exposure to a tv commercial? what will be your limitations? baka sumikat siya? hehehe, just asking... thanks!