Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reasons Why We Plan to Homeschool Our Child

Many surveys have shown that parents in the US now prefer homeschooling for their children's education over the traditional system of education. What is interesting is that these results are increasing every year.

My wife and I are one of the many couples who have made homeschooling a preference. Some of the reasons why we plan to homeschool our three-year-old son this coming school year are:

1. We as parents can choose which subject we want our child to improve on. Flexibility is one of the strengths of homeschooling. Kids are able to develop their talents since they choose the courses that are aligned to their interests and gifts that are discovered at home.

2. Homeschooling also provides flexibility in time. This is a benefit to parents who are employed and do not have time to monitor their children's education. With homeschooling, they can choose the time they want their children to have classes. They are also the one who schedule the activities of their children. In our case, I am glad that my wife chose to take it upon herself to focus on teaching our child, full-time, at home.

3. I have observed from missionary friends who homeschool their child that they are more independent and responsible. They learn to deal with different age groups and are not confined in a classroom setting. They develop independence since they will not rely on friends for their homework and other activities.

4. Finding a homeschooling program is now easy since there are a lot of schools and religious organizations that offer this option to parents. Schools are now more accepting to this method of teaching that is why it is no longer limited to a small group or a selected social class. For our child, we chose the School of Tomorrow system (formerly known as Accelerated Christian Education).

Homeschooling is not only dependent on how good the teacher is but on how parents actively cooperate with the program. Active involvement of parents to their children’s learning is a must in homeschooling and that is also what we want. We want to be actively involved in our child's education. Yes, it would require and demand proper guidance and full support from us as parents in order for our son to learn and excel with the homeschooling program. But we are positive that this will all be worth the time and effort as we invest our life in our child through homeschooling.



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