Monday, April 27, 2009

Learning More to Be Able to Give more

One of the things I have learned from the many leadership seminars I have gone to is that for a person to be an effective influencer, he has to never stop learning. John Maxwell once said that the moment a person stops learning, he stops leading.

Continuing education is one of the directions many take to practice this principle. For those looking for a degree in MS Instruction for their continued development to becoming a master teacher in an educational institution, is a site to search and visit.

Making that extra investment is worth it as the additional learning can help you make significant contributions to those under you.



Jill said...

I did a similar program at the University of Scranton that was online and got my MS in Curriculum and Instruction. I did it because I wanted to enhance my instructional effectiveness in the classroom. Online programs such as these make it easy to get the degree even if you are working full time. I also really loved how flexible the courses were.