Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wireless Resources

There are many ways to send data without wires. One popular method is through wi-fi. This is so popular especially to those who travel that a lot of companies who offer Data Card Rental have risen in the market.

Another way to connect without wires is through Bluetooth. In the United States, Bluetooth gets absolutely no respect. It is however, becoming more and more common in notebooks, PDAs, and cellular phones. Even desktops can plug in Bluetoothe devices which provide wireless users a way to transmit small amounts of data over short distances.

Now, Bluetooth is facing stiff competition from new wireless technology. Referred to as UWB or Ultra Wideband, this new wireless connection can provide data transfer of up to 480 MB a second - while most current Bluetooth devices transfer data up to 721 KB a second.

But wi-fi still is the best connection because it not only connects to other electronic equipment, it connects to the world wide web. is an online source for this kind of technology. They can be considered a great source of information when it comes to wireless resources. Check out their web site and compare plans, prices and services they offer with the wide variety of carriers and manufacturers they partner with.