Saturday, February 28, 2009

My WiFi Testing Experience at SM City Marikina vs Robinson's Metro East and Sta. Lucia Grand Mall

As I write this blog entry, I am seated here at Mister Donut near the main entrance of SM City Marikina. This is part of the WiFi Testing event here where at least 200 bloggers are expected to participate. Earlier, before the 2:00PM registration, my wife and I had our lunch at Goldilocks and tested the WiFi signal there. I had two to three bars of signal detected by my MSI EX400.

During registration, I won a CDR (I was hoping to win a cap with t he Microsoft logo) and proceeded with shopping for a few things with my wife. We bought sandals that we'll be using and a belt bag for another blogger's event on March 5.

So far, signal is great. I tested the speed connection using and got these results:

I also tried uploading a picture (my picture for this blog entry) and got an error in connection during my first attempt. On my second attempt though, I was able to successfully upload the 1.35 MB picture.

Comparing it with other malls in the area with free WiFi, SM City is Marikina's WiFi signal coerage is better than the internet connection at Sta. Lucia Grand Mall and Robinson's Metro East. They seem to have a wider WiFi signal coverage on the first floor, at the least, because that's where I did some testing. I connected from one end of the mall (Goldilocks) to the other end (Cyberzone) and at the center (Mister Donut) and so far, was satisfied with the connection. That is not the case with the other two malls, by personal experience.

In terms of being conducive for internet users, I would say that Robinson's Metro East and SM City Marikina are both at the top, with more places (restaurants/cafes) to go to where you can sit down and use a laptop.



Anonymous said...

Hi, is Sta. Lucia Grand Mall the one that is located beside Marcos Hi-way? I'll be visiting this summer for a couple of weeks. :o) Thanks.